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that person you saw crying today? that’s me not going to comic con

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I believe that true love and fate are intrinsically intertwined. Sometimes, the person that you are truly meant to fall in love with will come into your life in the strangest, most unexpected way. Your true love may shock you. You may find yourself discounting your feelings based solely on your inability to see how it could possibly work. “We are too different,” “The timing is all wrong,” “There is too much distance,” “I always thought that I would fall for somebody different,” “I’m still in love with so-and-so,” etc. My advice to you is to throw away your conventions and preconceived notions. People come into your life for a reason. If you feel that click with someone, it does not matter anymore where either of you came from, where you’ve been, or where you thought you were going. Grab onto that person and run with them wherever fate takes you. Let go of the idea of the person that you thought was perfect, or that your mother would like, and direct your eyes to the blinding light that is the person that loves your soul. Grab hold of that beautiful person that has heard your purest wishes and your darkest desires and everything in between and has embraced and celebrated it all. Never EVER let them go, no matter their baggage or past. Not for all the bright smiles and perfect curls and charming laughs of the person you thought might have been “perfect.” Look to the one who never stops worrying, never stops trying, never stops reaching out, no matter how hard you try to push them away, or how much you hurt them. Because that is the person that loves you. Look to the person that you don’t have to pretend for. Look to the person who accepts your tears and your anger and your apathy and your smiles and your wit and your dirty mind and loves it all. Look to the person that you can be totally open with because you know they would never judge you. Look to the person that was there for you in ways that you never thought anyone would be, even when it hurt them. Look to the person who wants to know about every stupid little part of your life. Look to the person who cares about your family and your friends and your pets though they never even met them. Look to the person who sends you messages just to check in, and wishes that you have a good day. Look to the person that tries to be what you need. Look to the person that encourages your dreams and applauds all of your triumphs— not matter how small. Look to that person, and know that it does not matter where they came from, who they were before, how different you are, how damaged they are, how strangely they came into your life, or how impossible the obstacles between you may seem. Because that is the person who will love you your whole life long. That is the person who will never let you down. That is the person who will treasure you with their dying breath. Fate has worked very hard to bring you two together. Don’t you dare let go.

Love just isn’t as mysterious as you think it is. All the signs are right in front of you, if you would just open your eyes. (via hidontbecreepy)



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His face in that last gif. #priceless

He’s really not so sure about that.

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No Matter What by Papa Roach | hehehe this is actually our song c:


I Will Break Your Heart


I am going to hurt you.
I will pump your heart and make you think nothing expect me and then before you see it coming I will rip your heart from out your chest.

I’m a vial of poison and I will spit venom down your throat and make you believe you’re choking on candy.
And if that’s not enough when you kiss me it will feel like glass is being shoved down your throat. You will look at me while choking up blood and I will look away and pretend I didn’t know it was going to happen.

Touching me will seem like the best thing on earth at first but later on when you touch me, it’ll feel like you’re cutting yourself on knives.

The flowers I placed inside your stomach will soon enough be watered with vodka.

And I will look into your eyes and smile because I so very much wouldn’t want you to think I’m destroying you
And I will clutch onto you and I will use you to make me feel better and so I won’t be alone. I will appear to be like the sun and the moon to you.

Only for it to be a disguise because the screwed up truth is that I am the darkness, the cold, scary, blackness.

You will fall in love with me and then I will leave you crying and pleading with me to stay.
But I won’t stay. I will never stay.

The whole time I will slowly suck the emotions out of you and by the time I’m finish all you will feel is an empty void.

A beautiful person once told me I wasn’t terrible and that I was sweet. I was told that I was a truely great person. Someone else told me that they knew that I had a good heart.

But right now my heart is rotting and turning black.
And right now if you look deep into my eyes, you can see the fire burning out that once made me feel alive, you can see the blood, and a flash of darkness of a person who is a monster.

Are you still going to stay? Even though I will leave claw marks all over you?-(t.i.f.)

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